Flora and Fauna and Sculptures

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From October 8th, uptil and including November 30th, Winnie Meijer-Rob will be exhibiting her extraordinary sculptures which, like the paintings made by Carla de Rooij, have straight lines. Her figurativ bird sculptures evolve out of being inspired by symbolism, mythology, nature and contemporary events. She likes to start on a geomatric basis as she has a fascinationRead more …

Flora and Fauna

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As from October 8th uptil and including November 30th, we will be showing art made by Carla de Rooij. Her art is figurativ, abstract and stylized. The subtile lines, unusual color combinations and repetative paterns give the art an unexpected effect. The works are inspiring to both adults AND children, so visit the gallery withRead more …

“Plein Air Paintings”

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” Plein-Air Paintings” in August and September 2011 As of August 1, the paintings of plein air artist Simon Borst are exhibited in Coenraad Art Gallery. Simon exhibited in different countries including Bulgaria, Italy, Israel, Sweden and Turkey. Just now, in May 2011, he won a special prize at the Biennale Izmir, Turkey. As theRead more …

Peruaanse Folklore

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Whoever loves Inca masks, is certainly catered. The pre-Inca civilization with ceramics, textiles and gold masks, are elements that are incorporated into the beautiful, colorful paintings that are now shown. The exhibition “Peruvian folklore” – contemporary displayed- is shown until 31 July 2011

Exhibiting new works by Josephine and Johanna

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During February and March 2011, new works made by Josephine and Johanna will be exhibited. A variety of fauvistic and modern paintings will be shown. Both painters use bright colors which is the only thing they have in common. Their styles are totally different which makes the exhibition an interesting one. Visit the gallery andRead more …

Fauvism at La Tulipe Noire

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  As from January 2011, paintings made by Josephine, are exhibited at the restaurant.  You will notice that Josephine is clearly influenced by the fauvistic movement. Whilst enjoying your dinner, enjoy the fauvistic paintings from up close. Enjoy ! Restaurant La Tulipe Noire, Bekslaan 35, 2114 CB Vogelenzang, Tel.: 023-5849155

Beaujolais Primeur Party

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On the 18th of November 2010, the Gallery, in close co-operation with restaurant Het Wapen van Zandvoort, will host their first Beaujolais Primeur Party. At 19.00 hrs, the first bottle Beaujolais Nouveau will be opened and poored. Whilst enjoying the wine, you will be introduced to the newest paintings by Josephine and Johanna Coenraad. TheRead more …

Kunst Kracht 12

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2nd and 3rd of  October 2010 Kunst Kracht 12 – 2010 Thema Kunst Kracht: Voetlicht In the Coenraad Art Gallery

Nicola Duncan

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From 31st July until 29th August Guest-exposition: Nicola Duncan from Caversham, Berkshire, England. www.nicoladuncan.com

Agatha Church

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From the 3rd of July until the 28th of August we will be exhibiting at the Agatha Church in Zandvoort. Theme from the exposition: On waves of music. Agatha Kerk Grote Krocht 45 Zandvoort