Winters in Spring !

This spring, the gallery starts with exhibiting the exceptional works by Maatje Winters.

From her earliest memories she thinks in shapes and colors. Numbers and letters were inseparable at school associated with a particular shape or color. And this is still her image language. She is inspired especially by people around her but also by nature. She likes to experiment with all kinds of materials in her paintings and objects. More than 12.5 years ago she started a workshop for artists with disabilities in Eindhoven.  In 2008 she started her own gallery with 3 other artists, where they are experimenting, exhibit and provide workshops. She works primarily with acrylic paint, thickening pastas and things they casually find. They also works with ceramics, pulp, glass and combinations thereof.

In this exhibit extraordinary works are shown, both paintings as well as outside objects, which have arisen primarily from positive thoughts. The world viewed from the things that actually go well. The works are therefore merrily and full colour.

The exhibition runs from april 8 until Thursday, May 31.  We are open on Thursday until Sunday from 14.00 to 18.00 hrs.

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