Josephine was born in Haarlem, in 1959.

During primary school, she already drew pictures for the Church newspaper. Then Josephine was asked to portrait visitors visiting the local art market in Zandvoort. It was then already said that, in view of her talent, she should go study at the Rietveld Academy. After having left college, Josephine started in a different direction and she started a study in construction engineering. This study did not live up to her expectations, so she stopped her studies and left for Australia where she stayed for two months to think about her future.

Back from Australia, she worked for a year as a stewardess on a boat, travelling from Amsterdam to Basel. After this year, she started a training to become a croupier. She then worked as a croupier with Holland Casino for 17 years. During her last years at the casino, she started her law studies.

After having successfully completed her law studies, she first worked as an intern with v.d. Mark Lay Office. From there, she transferred to the well known Dutch Law Office Moskowicz. There she took on running the civil law section. After 2 ½ years she decided to start her own Law Office and since then she operates her own Law Office in Zandvoort. In the meantime, next to running her Law Office, she picked-up the brush again and has been painting ever since.

Josephine is inspired by the Fauve-painters which is obvious when you take a look at her paintings. Like the Fauve-painters, Josephine used bright and lively colours. The subjects she paints are animals, portraits and landscapes.